12 May 2008

Weymouth Dive Trip ~ 14th & 15th June

Posted on behalf of Brian:-
Our club SAA69 Reigate may have 2 or 4 spaces on our weekend in Weymouth 14-15 th June. Basically it will be shallower range to probably 25-30m max. The boat is a twin hull cat with power lift - very nice, those who know Weymouth it's yellow! We need 1 or 2 pairs who can dive together and look after themselves as they will be treated as guest divers to our club, hence need to be fully qualified etc to dive as a pair.

We will do 4 dives. Nitrox and air available at the quayside diveshop. Any main dive associations are OK. We have no accommodation so would need to make their own arrangements. Let me know of any interest and I can let you know in next 7-10 days if we definately have spaces.

Thanks Brian

[Meridian Divers as an independent network are pleased to receive the invite and to promote it ~ Chris-P]

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