06 May 2008

T R Thompson Wreck Dive Report ~ 5th May

L to R : Ernie , Tad, Steve , Andy & Jim (Photo Chris-P)
On a beautiful calm sunny day 6 of MD's divers left port on our first (but not last) trip on Seazones captained by the intrepid Mick.

Our hardy group descended the expertly placed line to find all light disappearing at 12 metres, but being rufty tufty divers it was torches on and keep going. We enjoyed a torchlight bimble at 33 metres around the Thompson for 30 minutes and then ascended to de-kit and enjoy copious tea, coffee and scones.

After an in depth debrief (more time to scoff scones) it was decided that we had all earned a healthy nutritious meal at McDonalds Healthfood Restaurant. Good time had by all.



Chris-P said...

Don't know about anyone else but Tad & I stayed quite close to the triple expansion engine and a bolier! All very dark and moody!

Tad said...

who was dark and moody speak for yourself CP

Chris-P said...

Sorry Tad, that was the spell checker getting it all wrong , I was referring to the inside of your dry suit being dank and mouldy!