25 May 2008

Skive Dive Society

Calling all skivers. I have a list of possible mid week dives with Channeldiver.

Wednesday 16th July - Blanefield out of Brighton (8 spaces)
Monday 4th August - Alunia out of Eastbourne (8 spaces)
Tuesday 5th August - Oceana out of Eastbourne (6 spaces)

Any of your workshy divers interested please let me know ASAP.

Remember the Society motto 'anything is better than work'.



Tad said...

Hi Sheila I could be up for a couple of these July and august 4th

Tad said...

To work or not too work that is the question whether it is nobler to skive and dive or suffer the slings and arrows of outraged bosses to leap from a timbered deck and plummet the ocean depths or toil in fields or offices.
I know my choice

Chris-P said...

Truly poetic - I must get that spell checker sorted!

Tad said...

not wearing my glasses thats he problem

Simon-T said...

I can do the 5th August if that is any good to anyone.