07 May 2008

City of Waterford Wreck Dive ~ 11th May

Dive info for Sundays Sea Zones Dive.
Another early start

Meet 07:30

Ropes off 08:15

Dive City of Waterford (max depth 32m to bottom) on the 10:35 LW slack

Drift dive on way back in after surface interval

Return to Marina 3:30pm approx

McDonalds shortly after


1. Ernie
2. Tracy
3. Trez
4. Simon
5. Jim
6. Chris
7. Tad
8. Still one space post a comment if interested



Chris-P said...

Hope you guys have a good 'un! I'm having to bail out due to recently taking possession of a bug! Hope to be back 'in the swim' next week. Murphy's Law , lovely weather and no diving for me!

Jimbob said...