16 May 2008

West Beach BBQ ~ Sun 8th June

Time to start getting some more meat on the bones of this plan , hmmm that's a thought, spare ribs might be an idea, surely there must be some spare RIBs around! I have had several emails from people saying they are coming ...but...as ever there are some logistics to sort out!

It's anyone's guess what the weather will be like , but lets hope it will be fine and say that will mean we'll need :-

A gazebo (covered area)
One or more BBQ cookers (Matt W says he has a big'un he bring!)
Disposable Plates / Cups / Cutlery
Bin Liners

Usual Rules , bring enough for yourself and a few others! It would be handy to start co-ordinating who is bringing what! Please add a comment to this log with YOUR plan! (or drop me an email).

Of course we are planning a shore dive on this date. The High Tide at Newhaven for afternoon of 8th June is 15.41hrs (BST) . The usual pratice (!) is to dive then eat so may be a good time for divers to meet is 14.30hrs (you might want to get there early if its great weather as parking might become fun -not!)


Chris-P said...

Please add a coment with YOUR plan:-

Tad - Bringing Burgers!
Chris & Sue - Spare RIBS!!!!!!

Tad said...

Will also bring some other bits and pieces ie plastic cups paper plates

sheilab said...

Ernie & I will bring Prawns and garlic butter to cook them in and a sweet. 2 small tables and bin liners. We can also bring our portable B-B-Q if needed.

Tracey said...

I will bring a healthy and an unhealthy dessert, and a child & 2 dogs - not sure how the child will taste - depends on the mood!