11 May 2008

Fortuna Wreck Dive Images ~ 11th May 2008

Some photographs from todays dive.


Excellent dive. Thanks guys and thanks Mick. I'm a post dive scone convert.


Tad said...

Once again great pictures Jim really atomospheric stuff. I have been through the video and there is some good usable stuff so will edit that asap. Great day out yesterday great Dives and great people.

Chris-P said...

Cracking shots Jim. Really upsetting not to have been there. Sob , sob.

Simon-T said...

Super day's diving guys. Nice photos, I don't seem to be as horizontal as you on our ascent/safety stop Jim! Looking in my I-spy book of gullies, I reckon that was a short spined scorpion fish we saw on the drift.

Jimbob said...

Thanks guys.
Simon looking at the picture of the scorpion fish, I'm amazed you spotted it as we flashed past.

sheilab said...

How did you manage to get a professional model to pose for you in that sleek red suit!
Excellent pictures nice reminder of a good day.

Tad said...

I like the pipe fish shot