16 May 2008

SinkOne4Seaford Pair SinkTwo@Newhaven ~ 14th May

(L-R)Tony F & Andy N prepare to dive the Newhaven Harbour West Arm.

Confuscious, he say nothing about diving! But if he did it would probably have been "Well I never!" There was a plan to do a West Beach shore dive on 14th May, four of us thought we had sorted the arrangements but confusion over wind speeds, sea conditions coupled with other pressing commitment rattled the plan and so the infamous four failed to fin! But as the agreed entry time approached so the text screen lit up! Another buddy pair were at the beach asking 'Where is everybody, the waters fine'! Doh! The absent four had been too conservative! They say 'better safe than sorry' but we managed to be 'safe and sorry'! So it was, that Team SinkOne4Seaford made a shore dive on the Newhaven Harbour West Arm. Was it any good? Yes! Six metres of viz! Damn, its 'orrible when a good plan doesn't come off!

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