18 May 2008

Newhaven Arm Dive 17th May 2008

Ernie & I took the opportunity to dive the Newhaven Arm. Conditions were pretty well prefect apart from it was cold wet and horrible and that was before we got in. (Pretty good really !). We were expecting to see lots more divers ( we will excuse those of you at NDAC) but it was just Ernie & I. Maybe they are not rufty tufty divers like us.
Viz was about 3 metres and we saw plenty of crabs, a couple of respectable sized lobsters, wrasse, tom pots and gobbies and star fish. We stayed in for 45 minutes and the temp. was 12 degrees,
Not a bad first beach dive for 12 months.


Tracey said...

Great to hear you back in the water Sheila!
Glad it was a good one

Tad said...

great stuff bet it felt good sbeila. Wasnt Rufty Tufty a squirrel from the wrong side of the woods

Simon-T said...

Congratulations Sheila, I would imagine you are feeling very pleased with yourself.

Chris-P said...

Sheila, you're a brave one alright and you are made of stern stuff! Pleased you had a good time and enjoyed yourself.