19 May 2008

Go G.N.O.M.E!

Pollution in the National Diving & Activity Centre - Chepstow

The grand tour of muddy puddles (17th & 18th May) brought some very strange fresh-water diving practices to light. Everyone knows that salt is vital to human life and it may be that the lack of salt in fresh water is causing fresh water diver enthusiasts all sorts of health problems. Is there any other explanation for the distorted thinking that results in the placing of models of members of a supernatural dwarfish subterranean race thought to guard the treasures of the earth underwater? What in Gnome's name is that all about? It looks as though it's too late to prevent this abberation in fresh water but there may be time to prevent this perverted pollution reaching salt water .

You can see how the little blighter above , far from guarding treasure has attracted other detritus in to the water. You allow a gnome in then it's old tyres , this is no way to support Project Aware and support marine environments. So sign-up to day to the Go G.N.O.M.E campaign.

G - Gnomes
N - Nautically
O - Offend
M - Marine
E - Environments

Go G.N.O.M.E and keep it real!


Tad said...

I am sure one of the little blighters bit me

Chris-P said...

If we had a goody bag we could have rounded them all up and cleared NDAC. How do you despatch gnomes? Is it a stake through the heart or a silver bullet? Chris