01 May 2008

Looe & NDAC ~ Suggested Setting-Off Times.

Distances and times are from Pyecombe, which is just North of Brighton on the A23 close to the A27.

First of all NDAC. AA Route Planner = distance 161 miles and time 3hr. Suggest we all aim to arrive for 9:30, that'll be leaving homes (or pubs!) at approx 06:00. Hopefully/maybe we'll then be able to get in before most of the divers on courses.

Secondly Looe, more specifically those who fancy breaking up the journey by jumping off Swanage Pier. AA = distance to Swanage 116 miles and 2hr 42mins then on to Looe = 142miles and 3hr 33mins. If we say the stop at Swanage is approx 3hrs then leaving to arrive at Swanage for 12:00 should be about right.

What say all of you fellow intrepid types?


Tad said...

Hi Simon

My journey time will be slightly different as i am leaving from Kent and will rely on sat nav but will aim to be there at the same time. As for Swanage will let you know nearer the time.

Chris-P said...

Simon, I fancy breaking the journey to Looe at Swanage for a Pier Dive!

sheilab said...

Hi Simon,

Count me in.