21 May 2008

Selsey 'Pier' Dive ~ May BH week-end!

Well, the feedback from a number of you is that with the roads in Sussex as they are and the limited parking in Selsey , it is folly to try to dive there on a Bank Holiday weekend! That may be true and I think most if not all have decided to drop that plan as a result! Sad, but there will be another day!

[Update: 4 divers are diving the pier Sat 24th - see comment!]

A couple of boats with week-end placces have been posted (below) , if anyone is 'up' for something this w/e do add a post / comment.

High Tides this w/e at Newhaven are around:-
Sat 24th - 14:36hrs BST
Sun 25th - 15:15hrs BST
Mon 26th - 16:02hrs BST


Steve L said...

Myself, Matt, Tina and Sean will be diving Selsey Pier on sat and there is a BBQ after the dive. So if anybody fancies joining us just let Mulberry divers know by emailing them on linda@mulberrydivers.co.uk.

matt said...

to follow on from steve the weather looks pants for the rest of the weekend

Chris-P said...

Doh , I forgot I am on Chanel Diver on 24th May !