06 May 2008

Skive Dive Society ~ 4th June Oceana Dive

Anyone be interested in a Skive Dive on the Oceana with Channel Diver out of Eastbourne on Wednesday 4th June, ropes off 10.15am ?

There are 4 spaces at the moment. Please add a comment if you are interested ASAP



Tad said...

Im interested Ernie

ernieb said...

booked on with me,anybody else?

sheilab said...

Tad and Ernie booked on. Anyone else contact Sreve direct.

Simon-T said...

Hi Ernie, I sent you an e-mail yesterday via Linda's address to say I am a yes. Do I now need to book direct with Steve?

Simon-T said...
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Simon-T said...

Thanks Ernie, I'm now on this trip too folks.