19 May 2008

Two Page Sports DIVER Feature on Meridian Divers

SportDIVER Magazine , June 2008 , Pages 6 & 7

Sports DIVER Magazine , who have been following our work on the T R Thompson Wreck Project have devoted TWO FULL PAGES to the BBC coverage of the 90th Anniversary dive underatken by Meridian Divers . Thank you SportDIVER and Mark Evans (Editor) in particular. Congratulations to Tad for bringing the BBC and printed media coverage together so well to raise awareness of our maritime heritage. The project has also been supported by the Nautical Archaeology Society and PADI Project Aware.

SportDIVER, like the BBC have carried details of this blog and the project blog which we are hoping will result in more people adding information about the wreck and it's crew to the project. The wreck is often dived by local divers but sadly very little information is submitted from other divers to allow the project to advance further. We are keen to receive ANY information on the wreck. Updates can be made by adding a comment to this or th eproject blog. Comments will be submitted to the moderator before publication, no personal information is published without permission.

Click on the image to read the feature.


Steve L said...

So thats 2 mags this month then cos there is a piece in Diver on page 20 under the 'in brief' section and if I'm not mistaken the picture of the Channel Diver boat on page 53 has some familiar faces as well.

Tad said...

so it is I missed that completely thanks steve (not sure about the photo though)

Chris-P said...

Nice spot Steve! Page 20 DIVER June 2008 is another plug for the project blog .... when was the Page 53 shot taken? Chris

Steve L said...

Not sure when it was taken but thought i could make out you, Tad and Ernie in it.