25 August 2008

Selsey ~ Mixon Hole 25th August

Yeah, We (Finally) Dived The Mixon!!

Well after much debating about 'will we' , 'won`t we ' (I`ve had this called off so many times this year)l uck seemed to be on my side as i`ve done more dives this weekend that have gone ahead than the rest of August, maybe a fib but honestly can`t remember a good run of dives like theis ,so Mulberry Divers called last night and said it was a goer but maybe only 1 dive would go ahead due to the wind.

We met at the shop to sign-in with 2 divers who couldn`t make it for various reasons and the first thing I heard was that we weren`t going, 10mins later we had a call saying the wind had died down did we still want to go, well we were off!

All kitted-up and on the boat we made the short journey to the Mixon Hole which is more of a valley than a hole and has a permanant marker which you can clearly see from the beach. We went in the water and desended 5m to the seabed and finned the short way to the drop-off which looked most impressive. Once the OK signals were given we went over the edge the vis was @4-5m with a good current that you hardly noticed if you hugged the wall. We saw lots of crustaceans (not many fish) but the dive was really good nontheless and there still good light down at 20m, unfortunatley a member of the trio I was diving with had an issue with an SPG so we called the dive 25mins in and started to ascend after letting the DSMB go. At 5m on top of the drop-off the current was honking through and we saw some dogfish enjoying the current. It was good fun trying to hold 5m for the safety stop, once we completed that we broke the surface and returned to the boat.
Unfortunatley the weather took a turn so the 2nd dive was binned and we made our way to the nearest pub and debriefed. Thanks to everyone for bearing with it and making the dive. I told you it would be alright !!


ps.well done to Caroline you were spot on !


Tad said...

well Matt with the weather so bad it seems any old hole will do

matt said...

i`m not fussy

sean g said...

Dos Tina know that!