13 August 2008

Vobster Quay ~ Saturday 13th September

As august has now been declared April how`s about some guaranteed diving ? I`m thinking of going on Sat the 13th Sept get there early, 08.00am, spending the day there try to fit in 3 dives.

This is a nice place to dive. If you have never been have a look at the link below and see what you think. The site is under new management (a local couple who dive) so they say and they expect to sort out the site a bit better and start serving food rather than the crap currently being dished up, doesn`t matter as THE SWAN down the road serves excellent food!!

If you would like to come along please add your name,this dive is not weather dependant


Tad said...

Hi Matt
as much as I would loved to I cant too much to do before next week. Plus got to meet with MrP to put TRT project together before I go away. Thanks for the offer anyway

matt said...

check the date buddy its in september not august