07 August 2008

Wreck Dive (Newhaven) ~ Saturday 16th August

Had a call last night from another diver in Plumpton, Brian. He and two of his mates have provisionally booked Mistress out of Newhaven for a wreck + drift. They need a minimum of
6 to firm the booking up. Cost approx £40 and I believe ropes off to be 09:00.

TRT will probably be the wreck. Anyone interested out there in MD land?



Chris-P said...

Simon, Yep I'm up for this dive.

Simon-T said...

That's you me and Ernie, with Trez +1 to confirm. I'll contact Briam to firm up and post times.

Simon-T said...

Trez + Nick now confirmed on this trip. Boat is now full. I'll teletext everyone ropes off/cancellation news on Friday evening.

Linda T said...

sorry everyone. i have texteded everyone that this is now cancelled. Hope you've got it, but just in case. The bloody weather has stiffed us once again....Simon, via Linda

Chris-P said...

Stiffed again eh Linda? :-)