01 August 2008

Lundy Dive Trip ~ Now we are Twelve ... again!

Good news! The Lundy Dive Trip (9th & 10th August) is now back up to the full complement of twelve divers! An even number always make the buddying easier! Spekaing of Lundy , the Daily Telegraph carried a photograph of a free-diver coming face to face with a Lundy seal underwater (Page 9 Weds 30th July - can't find it on their website!) . It's a nice photo and reminiscent of the photo on the top right of this blog! The article is good news 'cos it shows:-

1). Good clear vis
2). Plenty of marine life , and
3). Inquisitive seals !

The article includes th efollowing "After one dive in England's only marine reserve, Charlotte Hargreaves 37, from Surrey, said : 'I have dived in Australia, Egypt and the Maldives but that experience beats them all hands down'.

Welcome to top quality UK diving Charlotte, we've been saying that all along! Let's hope the conditions are fine when WE get there!

1 comment:

Tad said...

I agree that when the conditions are right diving in the UK is hard to beat wish I could go to Lundy