07 August 2008

Lundy Latest

Good news for those on the Lundy Dive Trip:-

- Fresh SSW Winds expected on Saturday , but island provides it's own shelter.
- Milder winds Sunday.
- Max depths 28 to 30 m
- Plenty of seals. Reported to be "frisky with the divers last week-end"
- Obsession II moored in harbour near Pier
- Skipper "Lee"
- Meet at 0900hrs , Ropes Off 0930hrs
- All 12 diver places taken.



matt said...

have a good one all!

Gary S said...

And I did my Nitrox Course especially for this trip.

Chris-P said...

Yep it's a bit of a nuisance! You could take extra tanks (on hire) from O/View or elsewhere. Looks like my first two will be Nitrox then back to air!