28 August 2008

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 27th August 2009

Well done to all those who attended, especially those long distance travellers amongst you! It (as ever) pays to be there if you are interested in diving 'cos it's at the meeting that we set the dates for the next plans!

Diving & Social Trips have been planned for :-
1. Europe
2. Channel Islands
3. Wales
4. Egypt (see Red Sea Liveaboard post)
5. Swanage
6. Recompression Chamber
7. Meridian Divers Christmas Dinner

Full details to be circulated by email by Hon Sec Sheila! A very productive meeting that has already given some shape to the 2009 diaries!

Also announced at the meeting was the T R Thompson Project Team's submission of an application to the Nautical Archaelogy Society's Adopt-a-Wreck Award. A multi-media project file has now been received by the NAS and our collective fingers are now crossed!

Trainee Divemaster Matt picked-up his Recreational Diving Instruction Approved Codes of Practice to fill the gaps not covered by PADI training and is already demonstrating his new knowledge! Yes Matt, you are right, surface cover does need to be competent (by training, skills & experience) and no, can't be a students dad (unless dad IS competent)!!

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