28 August 2008

Red Sea Liveaboard - 4th to 11th April 2009

We have provisionally booked with Tony Backhurst a liveaboard on Whirlwind diving Northern Red Sea Route (Wrecks & Reefs) from 4/4/09 to 11/4/09.

The cost will be as follows:-

Up to 5 Divers = £995.00
6 Divers up to 18 = £896.00 (this includes a 10% discount)
20 Divers 1 free place + 10% discount = £852.00

This is the classic Thistlegorm, Canartic, Ghannis D, Ras Mohamed National Park etc. route, a must do for any diver.

The last night is spent in a Hotel.

As the provisional booking is only valid for 6 weeks we must have a commitment and a cheque (by 5/10/08) for £896.00 which is non refundable. If for any reason you are unable to go we will do the utmost to find someone to take your place. If we fill the boat and get the free place the difference will be refunded . I am afraid that we need the money up front so that Meridian Divers do not become liable for anyone dropping out before full payment is made.

Please put a comment on the blog if you are coming.

Cheques to be made payable to 'Meridian Divers'. Please ring me on 01323 502024 if you do not have my address.

If you want to check out the boat and itinerary go to Tony Backhurst website at http://www.scuba.co.uk/

Sheila & Ernie

Expressions of Interest:-
1. Sheila
2. Ernie
3. Chris
4. Matt
5. Gary
6. Sean
7. Mandy
8. Paul
9. Tracey
10. Steve L
11. Simon
12. Linda
13. Terry B
14. Therese


Chris-P said...

Sign me up!

matt said...

i`m intrested just need to rob a bank

Gary S said...

I am interested, Just need to get the misses drunk so I can tell her

matt said...

are we trying for the full 20?
what is the minimum cert level for this?
this trip looks spot on where do you find all the other prices ie nitrox etc

sheilab said...

Yes Matt we would like to fill the boat, but we do realise it is a short time to come up with the money.
Unlimited Nitrox prices for the week are 12 Ltr £60.00 and 15 Litre £80.00
For any more information go to www.scuba.co.uk. or give them a ring.

sheilab said...

I have just spoken to Tony Backhurst and there is no minimum qualification or number of dives. Obviously we would only be able to dive to our qualication i.e. Open Water to 18 Metres.

matt said...

Matt & Sean,sign us up please

Tracey said...

Sign me up and I'll tell you my story!!

steve L said...

Count me right in....

Chris-P said...

Steve , you are counted in!

Simon-T said...

I would be delighted if you could you add Linda and me to the list. A presidential suite with large private balcony suitable for guest entertaining please.

Chris-P said...

Hope you are delighted Simon! YOu have been added. Past liveaboard experience leads me to think that if you want the presidential suite you may actually find the 'president' sharing your bed. Now that's what I call a friendly boat!

TERRY B said...

i'm allowed to to go. so sign me up.

sheilab said...

Welcome aboard Terry. Name added to list.