10 August 2008

Lundy 9th & 10th August

This blackboard message gives a clue to the weather!

If King Canute couldn't hold back the tide it's sadly not too surprising to find the efforts of the Met Office, 12 divers and one boat charter operation could'nt hold back the poor weather. Poor? That's being polite!

It's tempting to summarise the trip as a wet week-end in the West but in a sense the Jury's still out , though I think if we went on a majority verdict at this time that summary would unfortunately be pretty accurate! Full judgement should be deferred until the die-hard element give their feedback . At the close of play on Sunday 10th just one of the four planned dives has been completed and that dive left much to be desired! Of the four dives planned for Lundy , weather dictated our first dive be conducted on the North Devon coast, the viz was so poor we canned the second dive of the day. The next day's diving was binned by Obsession Boat Charters because the weather stopped diving operations.

Four of the dive team , who had already booked a third night stay in wet & windy Ilfracombe decided to remain in town to see if Monday's weather brings any change. I hope their tenacity pays off and that they get to Lundy. The rest of us high-tailed it home on Sunday.

Advance Party - Pathfinders for Pubs & Restaurants

But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining! We had two good evenings in the town's pubs & restaurants and with sixteen of dining together on Saturday night we virtually took over the Old Thatched Inn and had a damn good social even if we couldn't exchange "I saw more seals than you" type stories!

The UK weather this year has been enough to challenge any diver / boat operator. Obsession Boat Charters said last year was bad but this year has been worse, much our view on the weather.

It's over to Nicky, Tony, Mike & Ian of the die-hard section to rescue some good dive reports from this trip!
POST SCRIPT: The die-hards are to be commended for putting in a quick Plan B and diverting to Swanage for Monday 11th . The foursome set about a dive on Kyarra but a torn neck seal put pay to the dive for Nicky and Buddy Tony. Mike & Ian got a good dive on the wreck! Well done guys , your tenacity paid off!

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