12 August 2008

Seazones Wreck Dive ~ 31st August

Only two spaces left on the above dive. If you wish to come post a comment ASAP or Mick will fill the space.
The following are booked on with their preference:

1. Ernie - Braunton
2. Therese - Clodmoor
3. Jim - Braunton
4. Benedicte
5. Simon
6. Chris TRT



Jimbob said...

Happy to change my vote to the Braunton, as Ernie did the booking. Booker's choice.

Simon-T said...

I don't want to upset anyone so I'm going for the TR Brauntmoor.

Jimbob said...

Good call. I love that wreck.
Actually I don't mind which wreck I will not be diving on the 31st. Last weekend I didn't dive the TRT and this weekend I probably won't be diving the Fortuna. I enjoy not diving them all. I am jealous of your not diving Lundy though.

sheilab said...

Do you boys think possibly you should get out more !

Chris-P said...

Sheila , Jimbob has shown us to the path of true enlightenment, ANYONE cand dive a wreck but only those who have denounced the worldy pleasures of cold low viz narcosis and purified their thoughts and desires can reach the highest levels of spiritual attainment. A level at which one is complete as a diver solely in the knowledge that wrecks exist and that true their meaning is only diminished by mortal tresspass. When this level reached the diver is an extension of the wreck, a part of it, indeed a part of every wreck. When that state is achieved the act of exposing one of the five humble human senses to a wreck is in itself an unworthy distraction. Hmmmm I don't think I'll have those small mushrooms for breakfast again!

Simon-T said...

I'll have a pint of whatever Chris is drinking please. Incidently Jim, I didn't dive the Miown yesterday evening.

Jimbob said...

"I didn't dive the Miown yesterday evening."
Blimey. How was it? I've not not dived that one. I wish I could not dive as much as you but work really gets in the way. I think boat skippers should move into investment banking instead. I've got hundreds of pounds in deposits sitting in their bank accounts, the least they could do is make it work for me. I'm afraid I haven't reached wreck enlightenment yet so I still need the meditation aids such as booking a dive and paying a deposit before I can not dive a wreck. One day I will be able to leave those crutches behind and I will be able to not dive any wreck any where and any time at will.

sean g said...

Hi Ernie sorry got to drop out of this dive. hope you can fill the space