29 August 2008

Post Card from Egypt No.2

Hi All
Still sweltering in the heat here but have eventually managed to book some dives starting tomorrow. I say 'managed' because even though I had the correct paper work etc I was dealing with muppets. Met up with Tracey yesterday and I won't embarrass her with what happened thats for her to tell (sorry Tracey) but it did involve a group of Egyptian men and her laying down!

Having been spoilt in the past with liveaboards I dont think I will bother with day boat diving again although this was a family holiday not a diving one. Anyway expect a full report and some video on my return.

Wish you were all here



sheilab said...

Do I put your name down for the liveaboard on 4/4/09 then ?

Can't wait to hear the 'Tracey Story'

Tracey said...

Thanks Tad - thought I told you no comments on blog!!! Just cos you asked the Egyptian guys if anyone spoke Egyptian!!!

Tracey said...

I'm on limited time as still stuck in Egypt and money running out - as always! Promise full report when I return! (If ever!)

Chris-P said...

Glad to see that you are all updating the blog on your holidays - tremendous dedication! Looking forward to Tad's dive report and Tracey's story (thats if the News of the World haven't scooped it)!