07 August 2008

My (Not ) Maritime Themed Thunderstorm (Not) Photos

I know its not Diving related but as we are affected by a maritime airstream in this country I will take poetic licence and show off my photo of last nights thunder storm over Chatham ( Chatham has nautical links). is this eligible for the photo contest on the back off the nautical links or am I pushing it plus the other link is that I dive. Shots were taken about 11.00pm and show both sheet and fork lightning.
Still not a patch on yours Jim


Jimbob said...

Excellent, I had a go at that last night, took about 200 completely black photographs. Well done.

Tad said...

I cheated a bit I left the video on then edited down to I found the scene with the shot and saved it as a still

Chris-P said...

I was tempted to delete post on the basis it that it has NOTHING to do with diving. But then thought I might want to put some snapshots of terrier racing or possibly pottery classes on the blog. Maybe some recipes could be illustrated with photos? Alternatively you could create a new blog "Meridian Not Always Diving You Know! ? Oh, and re the cheating point you make - er , yes!