07 August 2008

Here We Go ~ Plymouth 4th & 5th October

Hi all,
I have spoke to Steve at Mountbatten Diving today and booked 10 divers and 2 non-divers for the weekend of the 4 & 5th of October which I hope will be a safer bet weather wise than the last weekend of the month!

The trip is now full but I will take on reserves just in case, and please could you read the t+c`s below along with the full list of divers and non divers:-


Divers and Non-Divers:-
1). Matt D/PAID
2). Sean D/PAID
3). George D/PAID
4). Steve
5). Tad + Nikki
6). Tony(sinkone4seaford)
7). Tracy D/PAID
8 ). Tracy2 D/PAID
9). Anna D/PAID
10).Trez D/PAID
Reserve 1).
Reserve 2).

1 comment:

matt said...

a space is now available if you want it please get in contact asap