29 March 2008

Wreck of the T R Thompson ~ MD / NAS Project

Tad will be speaking on BBC Southern Counties on Monday 31st March shortly after 08.25am , he will be highlighting the Meridian Divers Adopt-A-Wreck project which is being undertaken with the Nautical Archaeology Society "Diving into History" Project Officer Ian Barefoot. Ian is registered author for the Meridian Divers blog and a former work colleague of mine.
Sadly the Adopt-A-Wreck initiative of the NAS comes to an end in July 2008 but Meridian Divers will continue with it's project irrespective of the NAS reaching the end of its Heritage Lottery Funding.
The Meridian Divers TRT project is certain to generate continued interest amongst other local divers. Meridian Divers publish their findings on the wreck on the project blog (see Links at the top right hand side of the this blog) and are always happy to receive updates on the wreck from others who are prepared to contribute to the project.

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