31 March 2008

Wraysbury pictures. 30/03/08


Tad said...

Hi Jim
Great pictures even the little video clip is good. Dont think I had much success with the video a few shots may be worth editing but the good news is i have worked out how to set the camera properly now so wont get focus problems.
I had a really good day yesterday thanks to you and Simon for the diving. Roll on the proper stuff


Simon-T said...

My first "fresh" water dives. Thanks guys that was a very enjoyable afternoon. Maybe Wraysbury could be used occasionally as a second option for future local sea dive plans?
Some good photos Jim and I'm not too sorry that your video hasn't come out Tad. You might have posted me being startled by that Thorpe Park Ranger rabbit, not very roughfty toughfty on my part!

Jimbob said...

Cheers for the dives and cups of tea guys. What was it you found in the video clip Tad? I've just noticed.
Still think you are making a mistake buying that camper van, I think it could be a lemon.

Tracey said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Sorry I couldn't join you - getting a bit fed up not been able to get wet! Hopefully will be able to get some in later this month

Tad said...

Hi Jim it was a spare part for my fins quite handy really more useful than a few sheckells

Chris-P said...

Well done chaps! Stiff upper lip and all that. Nice images Jim , you bring the best out of a muddy puddle!