18 March 2008

MD Divers Come Clean

It's a fair cop. Ernie and I have bagged our first 2008 pier and are the official front runners in the Meridian pier race.

We set off at 11ish yesterday morning on the newest, cleanest most user friendly day boat we had ever been on. Massive amounts of room to leave kit and even a covered changing area with comfy seats and yet more storage. The skipper, Steve of Channel Divers was a top man, with coffee and chockie biscuits freely available.

Our first port of call was the wreck, Indiana, apparently. Ernie and I dropped down the line into cold vichysoisse, hit the bottom, signalled "A-ok" and promptly lost each other. Eight minutes later I was enjoying the use of the electric lift, mmm easy-peasey.Met Ernie on the boat and he talked me into another go. This time we stuck together like limpets and had a 23 minute bimble in the 9 degree "water". We bumped into a couple of wrasse and numerous bits of protuding metal. Then back up to play on the lift again.

We managed to dive longer than the other 6 hardy souls and it was decided to can the drift dive. One of the other divers suggested we had a go at the Palace pier on the way back to the Marina. Ernie wasn't so keen, but once the pier challenge was mentioned we knew it had to be done.

Splash, incredibly there was less visability, now we were in pea soup and you could actually see further with your eyes shut. Like a pair of out of sync. nodding donkeys, we bounced from the bottom to the surface missing each other. Eventually we met at the bottom and headed East, after about 5 mins and 2 bruised heads we gave up and returned to the lift. A very nice days diving apart from the diving was bad!

Cheers Simon

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Jimbob said...

Quality stuff, I almost wish I'd been there. Fingers crossed for better conditions I guess.