10 March 2008

Radio Star !

I just happened to be listening to BBC Radio Newcastle (or Wear, as it is known on the www) earlier this evening when whose voice should pop-up ? None other than our very own Tad! Tad was telling the good people of the North East all about our NAS Project on the T R Thompson. There was obviously no 'serious weather warning' stories in that part of the country today as the presenters were asking question after question and Tad got a lot more air-time during the prime drive-time slot than we would have otherwise expected. Well done Tad, nicely done. A Recording of the piece may be played at the next meeting .... all depends on whether or not Tad can raise enough money to bribe me not to!

1 comment:

Tracey said...

Careful Chris, he could start asking for royalties! I listened too - fingers crossed we get some more info,

Well done Tad