27 March 2008

Wraysbury ~ Diversion Due To The Weather Gods

Due to the Weather not playing ball and being decidely British and due to this the planned Selsey dip being canned. There are plans afoot still to get wet on Sunday 30th and not just by the rain.

Wraysbury once again could be the order of the day. I knows its not the same but the urge to submerge is becoming overwhelming and must be satisfied. Therefore Simon and myself are planning to meet around middayish at Wraysbury to chill our grubby little mits off and to model the latest in 1960's cousteauesque swimwear.

It would be great if some other hardy souls would sign up and join in the fun.

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Chris-P said...

Make sure you take little red wooly hats - you'll need 'em!

Jimbob said...

Hello Tad
I'm up for this. Is this plan B in case sea zones doesn't happen?

Tad said...

Hi Jim
I wasnt booked on sea zones tomorrow but was due to do selsey pier dive. But yes wraysbury it is around midday glad you can make it Jim.

Tracey said...

Would love to join you but unfortunately still not fit to dive - had the stitches out and split the thumb again! Now got steri-strips. I will never leave home without a bottle opener again!

Jimbob said...

See you tomorrow at 12
hope the thumb heels quickly tracey.