25 March 2008

Lundy Dive Week-end

MD planned a Lundy dive trip for 2008 but booking a boat charter has proved tricky for a variety of different reasons , Steve L has identified what might well be a suitable date / boat and I have circulated details by email. If we are quick & can get co-ordinated (plus have the time & money!) we could still make this happen this year. Several people have been looking to co-ordinate the trip so this post is not intended to confuse any plans in hand but merely flag-up an opportunity that won't last long! If interested add a comment. If you have not seen the email let me know !

Expressions of interest (only) :-
1. Simon T
2.Debbie M
3. Stuart H
4. Trez
6. Mike T (RDC)
7. Ian S (RDC)
8. Nicky H (RDC)
9. Tony S (RDC)
10. Sean G
11. Tom D

1 comment:

Chris-P said...

Steve has advised me that Matt (OV) has also put a list of names together. As far as I know Matt will be looking to use the cancelled booking that Steve 'found'. As a result this trip may become oversubscribed. Get your cash & cheques ready for when figures are known!