20 March 2008


Anyone with a slight knowledge of algebra will have worked out that if MD is equal to Meridian Divers and MA is equal to Marsa Alam then MSD will equal Master Scuba Divers! Meridian Divers Tracey, Therese , Paul and I tagged-on to the Ocena View trip to Marsa Alam for five days of two -tank boat diving . The last time I went I managed to photograph the 'star' of the area, Dennis the Dugong but this time it was not possible to visit his happy (sea grass) hunting ground! Highlights of the trip were dives at Shaab Samadai (Dolphin Reef) and Elphinstone and Tracey and Paul completed specialities that qualify them as Master Scuba Divers - well done ! Tracey is also contemplating a bottle opening speciality after a bit of a struggle with a coke bottle! It was quite windy for the first few days of the trip but this settled down a bit as the week went on, water temperature was 22 degrees Centigrade and air temperature reached 27 degrees.

In all there were about 25 of us in the wider group and as a result of the numbers , Emperor Divers contracted in an ex-liveaboard boat "Sea Dreams" to give us plenty of space. On board we had three Emperor Divers Instructors and three other Instructors (in the group) . Small world as it is one of the Emperor Divers Instructors was Sarah Isles from Shoreham.

The link-up with Ocena View worked well and it was good to make friends with some new buddies, some of which have already shown interest in putting their names forward for joint trips (such as France 2009). I think my most enjoyable day was the Shaab Samadai dives, I had previously only snorkeled there but there are some lovely swim-throughs and pinnacles one of which has a delightful Red Sea Anemone City !

The sea was FULL of plankton, particularly from about 8-12m in depth, and quite lively stuff it was too with several divers displaying some reddened skin as a result ! The vinegar came in handy!

We stayed at the Coral Beach Diving Hotel which is an ideal location directly on the Port Ghalib Harbour. In a few years the Harbour is destined to be a huge tourist attraction with hotels and shops springing-up, though at present tourist numbers (in March) are quite low.


Jimbob said...

Fantastic photos Chris. Sounds like a great trip. Looking forward to hearing more about it next week.
Happy easter

Chris-P said...

Hi Jim, yep , very enjoyable, good bunch of divers and probably a few who will be looking out for local buddies! Will try to put a short slide show togther for next week, am trying to get a 'photo share' organised! Happy Easter to you too. Chris

Tad said...

Nice piccies looks like a you all had a good time jealous now

chrissiewells said...

Hi Chris
It was great to meet you and hope to catch up with you again to do some diving. I have some great photos and hope we can arrange to all meet up to exchange these.
Happy Easter

Chris-P said...

Hi Chrissie, looking forward to some UK diving and to seeing your piccies! We could pool the best for a trip CD! Post your best on this blog and you automatically enter it for the MD Photo Competition. Your welcome to come to the film night on 26/3.

Krazyhols said...

Chris, awesome photos! Good job i don't have copyright protection, that backside looks very familiar diving that swim through in the caves ... Hee-hee! Look forward to all meeting up soon - curry yeah?

Krazyhols said...

I recognize that back side - that swim through of the caves, glad i have no copyright on my body ... hee-hee!

Chris-P said...

Hi Jo, yep that backside became familiar having followed it right through the 'tunnels'! Couldn't publish the close-ups!

Chris-P said...

Curry's good! Waiting to see what date Matt suggests - but can always have other dates as well!