09 March 2008

LIDS Dive Show

Having just got back from the Dive show at Excell I thought I would just put finger to key pad and tap out a few thoughts.

The London International Dive Show is held at Excell this time every year and I have been for the last 3. I met up with some other Meridian Divers and had a stroll around the plethora of stalls and stands plying their wares from Holidays to kit Books to training everything for the diver is catered for.

The down side was the expensive car parking, entry fee's and the extortionate price of refreshments, do put a downer on things slightly.

It was good to catch up with a few faces from the past and share a bit of banter. Just goes to show that the love of diving can overide a lot of the negative stuff that goes on and actually there's enough room for everybody to do their own thing. At the end of the day Diving is Diving and wherever you dive and whoever you dive with the chances are that you will have friends for life.


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Chris-P said...

Here here old chap!

I didn't bother with the LDS this year, I took my own advice and bought a Scubapro 5mm shorty from DeepBlueDive.com. £129 reduced to £49 and delivered in a couple of days. Very pleased ....their deals extend to 23rd March.