26 March 2008

Film Night at Arlington

The film night turned-out to be our best attended meeting since Meridian Divers began in 2006. Nineteen divers, lured-in by a buffet and Projectionist Tad's choice of diving movies braved the Arlington wilderness to enjoy a very social evening. It was great to see divers from Ocean View and Rother Diving Club, not only because the essence of Meridian Divers is networking to make things happen but also because their enthusiasm looks like it will mean all places on our proposed trips will be filled!

The Looe & Lundy dive trips were discussed after the film show and details will be circulated by email as soon as possible.

The Selsey dive planned for 30th March has been cancelled due to anticipated poor weather on top of poor coastal weather in the last week or so.


Simon-T said...

I thought it was a very good evening, nice to do something different. After watching the second video I feel another competition coming on. So come on chaps brush off those old speedos and Bjorn Borg tennis shorts. Shortest shorts is the winner!!

On a serious note, is anyone else interested in another attempt at the Selsey Life Boat Station? Next sensible looks like Sunday 20th April, in the water for 15:13. Suggest meet at Mulberry Divers say 13:30ish. Any takers?

Tad said...

I have been parading in front of the mirror this morning. Dug out my tightest shorts and put on my best french accent. I could be on to a winner here, mind you I dont look half fed like the frenchies did in the film.

Definately up for another crack at Selsey also when do want to do a puddle dive. Part of me thinks we should transfer this Sunday but up for alternative suggestions.

Simon-T said...

Hi Tad, I believe my brownie points have not yet been cancelled so I can get to Wraysbury for 12:45. Any good? It will give me a chance to play with my new crack bottle DSMB! Yes I know, "taxi for saddo"!

Tracey said...

Enjoyed the dvds - especially the one on Truk as this is where I am planning to go in a couple of years to celebrate a magic number of years since I graced this earth! - If anyone fancies joining me, you are looking at around £3000 for week liveaboard which is why I planning (and saving) so far in advance!