19 April 2009

Thistlegorm Clips filmed By Ernie


sheilab said...

Just like to thank Tad for his hard work editing my video to go on the blog and for the DVD he is producing for the meeting.
Good work Tad, thanks.

Chris-P said...

I'd second that Tad, well done on the editing (I know just how difficult the different file formats were!) And well don Ernie on shooting the stuff in the first place. The debrief meeting should be good for re-living the moments!

sean g said...

Well done Tad and nice work Ernie looking forward to the debrief meeting

Anonymous said...

Good film Ernie, brings back many memories, last time I was there was with N scuba 2004?
Did you not get further into the holds?

One day I'll come back.

Cheers Robbo

Chris-P said...

Hi Robbo, nice to see yu are keeping a watchful eye on MD from Down Under! You've got the Great Barrier Reef & Ningaloo and you want to come back to the Red Sea, you are just greedy :-) !

sheilab said...

Nice to hear from you Robbo. Yes we did penetrate deeper into the wreck, into the engine rooms, all the holds and up through the captains quarters. Too dark for video though (must save up for some lights)
Perhaps next time you can come with us?