25 April 2009

Post Red Sea Debrief ~ Wednesday 6th May

Just a REMINDER of the Post Red Sea Debrief being held at Arlington Village Hall on Wednesday 6th May.

Use this link to see the Post BELOW for more info !

Don't forget ....as if you would....this is a eat & drink what you bring event, so bring some 'spares' and we'll all share 'em round!


Chris-P said...

Hello ? Hello ? Anyone there?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chris, only just noticed this as I don't check the blog often enough. I'm planning to come along on 6th - but is anyone else ......?? If anyone else IS coming, what are you all bringing food-wise? I seem to remember I got this all wrong last time we met there.

Chris-P said...

No Linda , it's just you and me! Should be cosy! Nah, I'm joking! Of course it won't be cosy! Nah, still joking , I mean it won't just be you and me! But...knowing WHO will be there is one life's great mysteries ...who knows others may be tempted to add a comment , may be even those who I know I are coming! I'm not sure the previous plans of listing who is bringing what has really been too helpful, so may be the answer is 'chance it' ! We're risk taking thrill seekers here you know!

Anonymous said...

OK, broccoli florets it is then, with a jam dip! Can't get much more risky than that.