14 April 2009

Soup Dragon BBQ

first off sorry for the fact that the soup Dragon dive didnt happen this was due in part to a number of factors that conspired against me and have now been partially resolved.
In light of this I am now planning the Soup Dragon BBQ and dive. Instead of the planned soup there will be Dragon Burgers.

The BBQ place in Kent and preceeded by a dip in a local lake so as far as the diving is concerned the weather wouldnt have an impact.

The dates I am looking at would be towards the end of May so please let me know of your availabilty as It would be good if as many people could come as possible. Ernie I know weekends are difficult but it would be great if you Sheila and Poppy could make it also.

Looking forward to your responses



sean g said...

Sounds good Tad can not make 30 or 31 of May

Tracey said...

Not allowed to dive :(, and not know what sats am working - will also need sitter for Pop & Bloss so not looking good for me :(

Tad said...

not Saturday its going to be on a sunday Tracey and you could come as surface cover and then to BBQ afterwards