29 April 2009

Mind Blogging Colours!

Yes, yes and thrice yes! I have been playing with the blog's colour scheme and am grateful, Sara , for the feedback on what is (and what is not) a good idea! So I have made some more changes but I suspect like all great (!) works of art it may never be truly finished. It's a constant quest for excellence , well, either that or it's 'try that and see if it works!' I don't think my task is yet complete!


Diving Diva said...

Nice dark blue writing on the yellow would look fantastic!!! hint hint...x

Diving Diva said...

Although I love the red, so think you should keep this one yellow and red.....but purple with a cow pattern in the lettering would look groovy...hahaha...ok maybe not...x

Chris-P said...

Oh there's just so many blogs and so many choices these days- it's hard to maintain our pre-eminent position!