22 April 2009

Dives on Channel Diver

I have picked out some dive dates which do not clash with other Meridian Diver events:

Wednesday 24th June - Pentrych - 10 spaces. (Brighton). £42.00
Tuesday 7th July - Alunnia - 10 spaces (Eastbourne). £42.00
Wednesday 8th July - Oceana - 7 spaces (Eastbourne). £42.00
Friday 10th July - Fortuna - 10 spaces (Brighton). £42.00
Sunday 19th July - Jaffa - 6 spaces (Brighton). £45.00
Fridy 24th July - T R Thompson - 9 spaces (Brighton). £45.00
Thursday 13th August - Oceana & Air Show (Eastbourne.) £45.00
Friday 14th August - Pottery wreck & Air Show (Eastbourne). £45.00

If any one is interested in any of these dives, please post a comment in the usual way.



Tad said...

put me down for an airshow trip either one will do
also interested in 12th June and 24th July thanks Ernie

Simon-T said...

Please put me down for 19th July and 13th August if anyone else is going. Thanks for the opportunity Ernie.

Chris-P said...

Tad, is the 12th of June on the list?

Ernie, I'm interested in three (but will need to confirm buddies):-
1). 7/7 Alaunia
2). 19/7 Jaffa (Simon?)
3). 13/8 Oceana/ Air (Simon/Tad?)



Tad said...

sorry Erniem meant 24th july
could do the 17th as well (jaffa)
and 13th Airshow

Tad said...

I need my glasses

my list is might also be up for the 24th June but need to confirm this

7th July
19th July
13th August

Simon-T said...

Yes, I'm a buddy for whoever will have me, on 19/7 and 13/8. My cylinders are now O2 clean so I'll be all nitroxificated too. Where do I pay?
cheers all, Simon