27 April 2009

Seazones - 10th May 2009

Can everyone booked on Seazones on 10th May please post a comment on their preferred wreck.
1. Ernie - City of Brisbane
2. Chris P - City of Brisbane
3. Tad - City of Waterford
4. Trez
5. Prometheus
6. Sean - City of Brisbane
7. Simon - City of Brisbane



Chris-P said...

City of Brisbane is good for me!

Simon-T said...

City of Brisbane. Baa!

Tracey said...

Forgot I was booked on this - still can't dive at mo :(

sean g said...

Have not done City of Brisbane so i say yes

Tad said...

depends on the weather the viz may be better further out so I plump for Waterford or something we havent done before

prometheus said...

Was out of Dover on the 2nd May and the bloom has started, so I am happy to let the skipper decide where he thinks the best viz will be.