11 April 2009

Post Red Sea Debrief & MD Meeting ~ Wednesday 6th May

The post-Red Sea Debrief and next Meridian Divers meeting will be held on
Wednesday 6th May , at ARLINGTON VILLAGE HALL , Arlington!

All are welcome to attend (not just those on the trip!) and that, of course, includes all the new buddies we met on M.Y. Whirlwind.

The basic plan for the meeting (apart from usual 'business') will be:-

1. Bring your Red Sea Photos (ideally on a USB Memory Stick) , so that a huge gallery can be created and distributed (distribution may have to be done later due to the number of photos & conbined file size!) . The larger capacity the memory stick the better!

2. Watch the Red Sea Trip Video.

3. Distribute copies of the Red Sea Trip Video (if you would like a copy of the Video please let us know / add a comment to this posting ASAP to allow time to produce them!)

4. Possibly watch some of Ernie's video of several dives , including the Thistlegorm.

5. Partake of some light refreshments!

6. Sign-up any log books that need signing.


Simon-T said...

Sorry, I'm unable to make this date. I will actually be working!

Chris-P said...

As if!

Chris-P said...

DVD 1) I would like a copy of the Whirlwind DVD!

sean g said...

DVD 1 please look forward to seing you all