20 April 2009

Gentle sea bimble anyone?

Hi all, time to start easing myself back into rufty-tufty UK sea diving. I notice on http://www.mulberrydivers.com/ there are seven places on their rib departing 11:45 for
the Far Mulberry dive site. Anybody fancy joining me? Oops! Thanks to Tad for pointing
out the fact that I failed to mention the date. Doh! It's Sunday, 3rd May.


Tad said...

Hi Simon will let you know just checked their site nice and cheap prices worth thinking about

sheilab said...

Would love to come but my Social Secretary says I have to do the family thing on that day !

Chris-P said...

What date is this?

Chris-P said...

Hi Simon, sorry can't make it, hope you have a good one!