27 April 2009

Meridian Mutts

I would like to know if there are any dogs out there who would like to join me and my staff on some walks in the countryside on non diving days. Just lately I have been taking my staff on some rather nice walks - Ashdown Forest, Bluebell Railway, Ditchling Beacon, Firle Beacon, Battle to name a few.
It would be nice to have some friends to accompany us on some of our walks.
Any one interested canine or human, please post a comment.
Poppy (Benson)


Tad said...

grrrrr wooof wooof grrr sniff snifff wheres the nearest tree

Chris-P said...

Always willing to follow a lead!

Tracey said...

Woof Woof, Poppy & Blossom Martin would love to join you especially as their mummy can't dive at mo.

Linda T said...

Hi Poppy, my mum and I would love to join you if the opportunity presents itself. Will you let us have suggested dates? Love Tibor (and mum Linda)