20 April 2009

Plymouth Weekend 18th & 19th April

Well what a great weekend diving and great company too. On Saturday the sun stayed in but the diving made up for it. The first dive was on the James Egan Lane what a great wreck a bit like the Carnatic in Egypt. It's 23m to seabed vis was 5-7 m. Lots of fish life and loads of anenomes. Then after hot pasties for lunch on the top boat MV Explorer of to do the Scylla. It's 28m to seabed what a nice big ship lots of plumnose anenomes and dead mens fingers vis 5-8m but for me it just had no feeling to it but still a nice dive.

Well Sunday the sun came out to play we made are way out to do the Persier what a nice wreck 10-15m vis loads to see could had stayed down all day but air going fast had to come up that has to be one of my top U.K. dives! More hot pasties hard work this diving! Then on to the Glen Strathallen 17m to seabed what a great bimble to end on 10-15m vis. The B&B we stayed at was the best iIhave been to and Steve and Sue know how to look after you and the pub over the road sell great beer and good food (£6-7) . Can I just say thanks to Matt for all his hard work and all that for£135. Well anyone on this trip in June is in for a great weekend of diving. Oh and thanks to all for your great company. Hope to have some pics soon


Tad said...

the weather was a bit different to last October then Sean lucky people glad you had a good time and nice write up mate

sheilab said...

Good write up for a man of few words ! Glad to hear you all had a good time.
Sheila & Ernie