13 September 2008

Who Needs Diving?

Another drama filled holiday in Egypt has ended and it's back to reality. If anything can go wrong, it's bound to go wrong for me! Bags packed & with a headache to end all headaches off to Gatwick only to be held up on the A23 due to idiots playing bumper cars. Hour late boarding, a further hour sitting on a plane with no air conditioning & still nursing a bad head, & then moved back to the gate. Half hour at gate & sent back to departure lounge. 7 Hours later, sat on plane for further hour (still no air con) before finally taking off & eventually arriving in Sharm in the early hours of the morning. Still, things could only get better - ha ha.

The average temperature for the next few days was 45 degrees, even pushing up to 47/8 on somedays, so what better way to cool off (& try & shift the headache) than jumping in the water to admire the life below the waves. - Then the pain hit! I couldn't go down more than a couple of feet! The agony was indescribable - all this life and I could only view with my mask & snorkel!! The need for a bcd & tank had never been so bad! Still, I had another 9 days to convince my daughter to entertain herself so I could go off & dive.

Unfortunately, the headache continued & after 5 days (including 1 1/2 days bedridden) I had to give in & go to the hotel Dr - whereby I ended up on a drip and with pri**s in my backside! A lot of hassle later (which ended up with the male nurse being sacked & my nerves shredded - I am not going into detail so PLEASE DONT ASK!) I actually started feeling better & arranged to meet fellow diver Tad & co for a drink & spot of dinner.

Whether it was the lack of diving, shopping (not something I do unless it involves dive equipment) or seeing Tad's boot tan lines I do not know, but I began to feel ill & after telling Nicky I needed to sit down, I promptly turned a indescribable shade of green & passed out.
The Egyptians must have been so happy - someone they could drag into their shop without getting rebuffed! But oooh! I felt like Queen Cleopatra when I came to - being fed lemon & sugared water by one male, fanned by another, iced down by a third, head massaged by a 4th, legs held up by a 5th (by this time I lost count) & Tad asking any of them if they spoke Egyptian (Doh!) as he was trying to get me transport back to my hotel!

Still, the last few days passed by without incident - other than the 6 hour delay back & 2 hours waiting for luggage. I did manage to get a few pics snorkelling - and was amazed with the amount of life so shallow & close to the shore.

With life like this a couple feet down who needs diving?


Roll on April!


Chris-P said...

Whoa! Tracey , that IS the kind of story that needs to be posted on the 13th! How unlucky were you .... having to see Tad's boot tan line! You poor thing!

Tracey said...

Least it was only his boot line! I must say a big thank you to Tad, Nicky and family for looking after me and Emily that day - dread to think if we'd been on our own.

matt said...

can`t wait for next years liveaboard to see the next instalment of 'Tracy does Eygpt'.
Iknow you said don`t ask but i`m intruiged was the male nurse sacked before or after the backside thing to give us a better clue!ha ha glad your back a well