30 September 2008

Plymouth 2 days to go!

Here we go with only a couple of day`s to go the weather turns pants after the first couple of weeks of settled weather for ages.
At the mo all is good with reports of great vis last weekend,IF the trip is called it will be thursday night but Steve said he has only had to call 2 trips this year,lets hope we won`t be the third.
The plan is to leave friday lunchtime arrive friday dinnertime get settled then out for dinner,any probs please contact me asap i will call all to sort out travel but i think most will be a Ocean view wed`s night so will speak then
this should wet your appetite`s


Chris-P said...

Matt, best wishes for the trip and fingers crossed for good weather for you!

matt said...

can everyone keep every thing crossed please!
really looking forward to this trip,there we go the kiss of death