28 September 2008

The Westburn ~ News from Tenerife

Back in April , Tad posted a message about the look-a-like wreck of the Westburn, see:-


We have now had the pleasure of contact from Pepe Foronda who has dived the Westburn. See the original post for Pepe's comments reproduced here for convenience:-

"Great dive!! We do it normally and it´s amazing!!... moreover.. this Saturday we will go to dive this historic ship wreck. Congratulations for your blog and.. Best regards fromn Tenerife!

Pepe Foronda

Thanks Pepe for your kind comments and we'd love to see any pictures of the Westburn that you might have! With some good fortune we may even get to dive it with you! Pepe's own blog is :- http://divingtenerife.blogspot.com/


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