07 September 2008

Chamber Course Confirmed ~ Sunday 9th November

For the record ! The visit /course is now confirmed for Sunday 9th November. Click on the label below to view linked posts on the subject.

The posting of 11th July 2008 holds the 'official' expressions of interest list.

I will contact those on the list to confirm attendance by the usual MD means (cheques!) . Places will go to those on the list first, any remaining places will be first-come-first-served.

If there is more (new) demand a further date will be organised!


Chris-P said...

Email with payment & booking details sent to those who have expressed interest in the visit. 10th Sept.

Chris-P said...

28/9/08 Update : Cheques received from:-
Terry (x2)
Gary (x1)
Sean (x1)

Chris-P said...

29/9/08 Update :-
Terry is now (x1) as Max is unable to attend.