12 September 2008

Brighton Marina ~ January 2006

About 300 dives back in my log book was the last time I dived in Brighton Marina in January 2006, so it's going to be bit of a trip down memory lane to be going back there tomorrow. It might be a bit of a trip but there won't be a lot of 'down' as the Marina is not famed for deep diving though, extraordinarily enough, it has been host to some drift dives - don't ask me how!

Phil and I will be taking the plunge tomorrow to allow Phil to get his kit wet before he goes on a far more exciting dive trip to the Galapagos Islands! OK Phil , you win , that beats my trips to Vobster & Chepstow!

It will be interesting (I hope!) to see what if anything has changed in the Marina, Phil & I won't have time to survey the place but we'll take a few temperature and depth readings to see how it compares to dives of yesteryear. I think we'll spice-up the day with a competition to see who can get the greatest depth on their guage/computer. The deepest diver WON'T be buying the coffees!

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