24 September 2008

Red Sea Trip Update ~ 2009

Sorry Guys and Gals, forgot to say that if you want 15 litre tanks can you order them at the time of booking just to make sure. Nitrox is paid for locally and will be £80.00 for 15 litre and £60.00 for 12 litre.

Sorry Steve and Simon that I did not let you know before you paid.


Simon-T said...

Hi Sheila, not having done a liveaboard before, do you recommend Linda and I go with 15s? Does that mean all dives are done with this size or do we use 12s later in the day on shallower dives? Many thanks Thicky Taylor.

sheilab said...

Hi Simon,
Depends how good you are on your air especially for some of the wreck dives. If you opt to have 15 litre you keep it for all of the dives. Better to be safe than sorry.